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Joint Surveilance System (1983-Present) - A joint system of long range radar sites operated mainly by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) with data used by them, the United States Air Force (USAF) and other federal agencies.

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JSS Command Center, FYQ-93 and BCS-F Locations (edit list)
ROCC/SOCC/SAOC Location State Unit From To GPS Notes
Rome Griffiss AFB NY NEADS 1983 2006 43.21667,
Now BCS-F System
McChord McChord AFB WA NWADS 1983 2006 47.12167,
Now BCS-F System
Tyndall Tyndall AFB FL SEADS 1983 2006 30.07500,
March March AFB CA SWADS 1984 1995 33.89482,
Elmendorf Elmendorf AFB AK AKADS 1983 2006 61.24416,
Now BCS-F System
Wheeler Wheeler AAF HI HIRAOC 1984 2006 21.48262,
Now BCS-F System
CAN-East CFB North Bay ON CAN-East 1983 2005 46.3375,
Now BCS-F System
CAN-West CFB North Bay ON CAN-West 1983 2005 46.3375,
Now BCS-F System
ICE Keflavik NAS IS Iceland 1984 2006 63.96166,
Official Map of Department of Defense (DoD) and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Long Range Radar Sites. Excludes FPS-117 Sites.

FAA and JSS Radar Sites (edit list)
FAA JSS NORAD Site State Equip Status Origin GPS ARTCC Notes
ZQRB J-12 Z-336 Citronelle AL CARSR Active Replaced Dauphin Island Air Force Station at a different location 31.03987,
ZQPC Haleyville AL CARSR Active 34.41556,
ZME Data Tie
ZMGM Montgomery AL CARSR Active 32.21167,
ZTL *Data Tie
ZQXR Z-237 Russellville AR CARSR Active 35.40278,
ZME Data Tie
ZTXK Z-091 Texarkana AR CARSR Active Texarkana AFS
Different Location
ZFW Data Tie
ZPHX J-29 Z-247 Humboldt Mtn AZ CARSR Active 33.98139,
ZAB Data Tie
ZQQO J-29A Ajo AZ ARSR-4 Active Ajo AFS 32.43111,
ZAB Last ARSR-4 installation
ZQXP Seligman AZ CARSR Active 35.35278,
ZLA Data Tie
ZQSR Z-059 Boron CA CARSR Active Boron AFS 35.08226,
ZLA Data Tie
--- J-83 Z-033 Crescent City CA Closed-1995 Klamath AFS 41.55917,
ZQZZ J-83A Rainbow Ridge CA ARSR-4 Active 40.39417,
ZRBL Z-157 Red Bluff CA CARSR Active Red Bluff AFS 40.14611,
--- J-34 Z-037 Point Arena CA Closed-1995 Point Arena AFS 38.89306,
ZQMV J-33 Z-038 Mill Valley CA ARSR-4 Active Mill Valley AFS 37.92389,
ZPRB J-32 Z-236 Paso Robles CA ARSR-4 Active 35.39472,
ZQLA J-31 Z-039 San Pedro CA CARSR Active San Pedro AFS 33.74611,
ZLA Data Tie
ZNSD J-36A San Clemente Island CA ARSR-4 Active 32.88417,
ZLA Navy JSS Site
ZQRW J-30 Z-076 Mount Laguna CA ARSR-4 Active Mount Laguna AFS 32.87611,
XVBG J-35 Vandenberg AFB CA ARSR-4 Active 34.58694,
ZQPK Z-212 Denver CO CARSR Active 39.59417,
ZDV Data tie
ZGJT Z-215 Grand Junction CO CARSR Active 39.63861,
ZDV Data tie
ZTAD Z-222 Trinidad CO CARSR Active 37.54694,
ZDV Data tie
ZNEN J-04 Z-327 Whitehouse
FL ARSR-4 Active 30.34583,
--- J-05 Z-211 Patrick AFB FL Closed-1996 Patrick AFB 28.21389,
ZMLB J-05A Melbourne FL ARSR-4 Active 28.08417,
--- J-06 Z-210 Richmond FL ARSR-1A
Closed 1992 Richmond AFS 25.62333,
Hurricane Andrew
ZQM8 J-06A Tamiami FL ARSR-4 Active 25.64722,
ZMA First ARSR-4 installation
ZNQX J-07 Z-209 NAS Key West FL ARSR-4 Active 24.58444,
ZQJT J-09 Z-330 Fort Lonesome FL Closed-1998 27.64556,
ZMA Gone
ZFN7 J-09A Fort Green FL ARSR-4 Active 27.70056,
ZCTY J-10 Z-333 Cross City FL ARSR-4 Active 29.74389,
ZPAM J-11 Z-198 Tyndall AFB FL ARSR-4 Active 30.07583,
ZJX Hurricane Michael (2018) destroyed radome and antenna
NOAA image.
ZQHN Ashburn GA CARSR Active 31.69583,
ZJX Data Tie
ZQNK Lincolnton GA CARSR Active 33.75972,
ZTL Data Tie
ZATL Z-111 Marietta GA CARSR Active Marietta AFS 33.89411,
ZTL Data Tie
ZQJO Arlington IA CARSR Active 42.76833,
ZAU Data Tie
ZQVA Z-225 Z-225 Ashton ID CARSR Active 44.56250,
ZLC Data Tie
ZQCK Z-223 Boise ID CARSR Active 44.44250,
ZLC Data Tie
ZJOL Elwood IL CARSR Active 41.42278,
ZAU Data Tie
ZQUZ Z-085 Hanna City IL CARSR Active Hanna City AFS 40.69889,
ZAU Data Tie
ZIND Indianapolis IN CARSR Active 39.74611,
ZID Data Tie
ZQTZ La Grange IN CARSR Active 41.63111,
ZAU Data Tie
ZGCK Z-226 Z-226 Garden City KS CARSR Active 37.66417,
ZKC Data Tie
ZHTI Z-047 Hutchinson KS CARSR Active Hutchinson AFS 37.92611,
ZKC Data Tie
ZQBZ Oskaloosa KS CARSR Active 39.22194,
ZKC Data Tie
ZQRI Z-232 Lynch KY CARSR Active 36.91611,
ZAEX Alexandria LA CARSR Active England AFB 31.31435,
--- J-14 Z-248 Lake Charles AFS LA Closed-1990s Lake Charles AFS 30.18472,
ZLCH J-14A Lake Charles LA ARSR-4 Active 30.36056,
ZNEW J-13 Z-246 Slidell LA ARSR-4 Active 30.34806,
ZQHA Cummington MA CARSR Active 42.47472,
ZBW Data Tie
ZQEA J-53 Z-010 North Truro MA ARSR-4 Active North Truro AFS 42.03417,
ZQYA J-54 Z-110 Bucks Harbor ME ARSR-4 Active Bucks Harbor AFS 44.62944,
ZBW Not on 2016 List
ZQYD J-63 Caribou ME ARSR-4 Active 46.88583,
ZCPV Coopersville MI CARSR Active 43.04556,
ZAU Data Tie
ZQJA J-58 Z-034 Empire MI ARSR-4 Active Empire AFS 44.80194,
ZQDT J-62 Z-397 Canton MI ARSR-4 Active 42.27667,
ZQJE Apple Valley MN CARSR Active 44.75250,
ZMP Data Tie
ZQJD J-60 Z-306 Nashwauk MN ARSR-4 Active 47.39750,
ZQJC Tyler MN CARSR Active 44.19361,
ZMP Data Tie
ZSTL St. Louis MO CARSR Active 38.70083,
ZKC Data Tie
ZIRK Z-064 Kirksville MO CARSR Active Kirksville AFS 40.29778,
ZKC Data Tie
ZQYB Z-233 Memphis
MS CARSR Active 34.852778,
ZME Data Tie
ZQNM Newport MS CARSR Active 32.94750,
ZME Data Tied
--- J-77 Z-147 Malmstrom AFB FAA MT Closed-1996 Malmstrom AFB 47.50139,
ZGTF J-77A Bootlegger Ridge MT ARSR-4 Active 47.61361,
ZQLS J-78 Z-179 Lakeside MT ARSR-4 Active Kalispell AFS 48.01139,
ZQRL Benson
NC CARSR Active 35.51111,
ZDC Data Tie
ZQRM Maiden
NC CARSR Active 35.61083,
ZTL Data Tie
ZQGV J-02 Z-115 Fort Fisher NC ARSR-4 Active Fort Fisher AFS 33.97722,
ZQFI J-75 Z-303 Finley ND ARSR-4 Active Finley AFS 47.52833,
ZQWA J-76 Z-300 Watford City ND ARSR-4 Active 47.67889,
ZQHO Z-071 Omaha NE CARSR Active Omaha AFS 41.36028,
ZMP Data Tie
ZLBF Z-217 North Platte NE CARSR Active 40.83278,
ZDV Data Tie
ZQIE J-51 Z-063 Gibbsboro NJ ARSR-4 Active Gibbsboro AFS 39.82472,
ZQSA Z-094 West Mesa NM CARSR Active West Mesa AFS 35.0717,
ZGUP Z-221 Gallup NM CARSR Active 36.07583,
ZDV Data Tie
ZQWC Z-234 Mesa Rica NM CARSR Active 35.23750,
ZAB Data Tie
ZSVC J-28 Z-245 Silver City NM CARSR Active 32.98917,
ZAB Data Tie
ZDMN J-28A Deming NM ARSR-4 Active 32.49167,
ZBAM Z-214 Battle Mountain NV CARSR Active 40.40306,
ZLC Data Tie
ZNFL Z-156 Fallon NV CARSR Active Fallon AFS 38.77444,
ZOA Data Tie
ZQAS Z-163 Angel Peak NV CARSR Active Las Vegas AFS 36.318611,
ZTPH Z-164 Tonopah NV IFF/SIF Active Tonopah AFS 38.05167,
ZLC Not on 2016 List
ZQVH J-52 Z-315 Riverhead NY ARSR-4 Active 40.87861,
ZQXU J-55 Z-312 Remsen NY ARSR-4 Active Replaced Watertown AFS 43.34528,
ZDSV J-56 Z-309 Dansville NY CARSR Active 42.63833,
ZNY Data Tie
ZQDB Brecksville
OH CARSR Active 41.30222,
ZOB Data Tie
ZQWO London OH CARSR Active 39.84611,
ZID Data Tie
ZOKC Oklahoma City OK ARSR-4 Active 35.40306,
ZQVN Fossil OR CARSR Active 44.96028,
ZLMT J-82 Z-180 Klamath Falls OR CARSR Active Keno AFS 42.06889,
ZSE Data Tie
ZQFL J-81 Z-345 Falls City OR ARSR-4 Active 44.92278,
ZSE Changed from Salem (SLE), 2012
ZQRC Z-030 Benton PA CARSR Active Benton AFS 41.35738,
ZNY Data Tie
ZQCF Clearfield
(Du Bois)
PA CARSR Active 41.07028,
ZOB Data Tie
ZPIT Z-062 Oakdale PA CARSR Active Oakdale AFS 40.39722,
ZOB Data Tie
--- J-61 Trevose PA Closed 40.13417,
ZQRJ J-03 Z-324 Jedburg SC ARSR-4 Active 33.06972,
ZQJB Z-099 Gettysburg SD CARSR Active Gettysburg AFS 45.05076,
ZMP Data Tie
ZQOJ Z-235 Joelton TN CARSR Active Joelton AFS 36.33611,
ZME Data Tie
ZAMA Z-088 Amarillo TX CARSR Active Amarillo AFB 35.24611,
ZAB Data Tie
ZQYS Rogers TX CARSR Active 30.94389,
ZHU Data Tie
--- J-27 Z-244 El Paso TX Closed-1997 31.68083,
ZQNW J-27A Eagle Peak TX ARSR-4 Active 30.92028,
HOUA J-15 Z-240 Houston
TX CARSR Active Ellington AFB 29.61556,
ZHU Data Tie
ZFTW Z-231 Keller TX CARSR Active 32.94444,
ZFW Data Tie
ZQNA J-15A1 Morales TX ARSR-4 Active 29.34139,
ZQXS J-26 Z-243 Odessa TX CARSR Active 32.55417,
ZFW Data Tie
ZQOM J-26A King Mountain TX ARSR-4 Active 31.28500,
ZQZA J-16 Z-242 Oilton TX ARSR-4 Active 27.49889,
--- J-25 Z-339 Sonora TX Closed-1997 30.47111,
ZRSG J-25A Rocksprings TX ARSR-4 Active 30.04667,
ZCDC Z-216 Cedar City UT CARSR Active 37.59306,
ZLC Data Tie
ZFPK Z-213 Francis Peak
(Salt Lake City)
UT CARSR Active 41.03278,
ZLC Data Tie
ZQHB Z-014 Saint Albans VT CARSR Active Saint Albans AFS 44.78167,
ZBW Data Tie
ZQBN Binns Hall VA CARSR Active 37.38278,
ZDC Data Tie
ZQVR J-01 Z-321 Oceana NAS VA ARSR-4 Active 36.82722,
ZQPL J-50 Z-318 The Plains VA CARSR Active 38.88250,
ZDC Data Tie
ZQBE Z-121 Bedford VA CARSR Active Bedford AFS 37.51722,
ZSEA Z-001 Fort Lawton WA CARSR Active Fort Lawton AFS 47.6575,
ZSE Data Tie
ZQMI J-79 Z-151 Mica Peak WA ARSR-4 Active Mica Peak AFS 47.57389,
ZQKW J-80 Z-044 Makah WA ARSR-4 Active Makah AFS 48.37167,
ZQHZ Horicon WI CARSR Active 43.44583,
ZAU Data Tie
ZQSI Z-224 Lovell WY CARSR Active 44.81694,
ZLSK Z-219 Lusk WY CARSR Active 42.59389,
ZDV Data Tie
ZRKS Z-218 Rock Springs WY CARSR Active 41.43472,
ZLC Data Tie
ZENA A-14 Kenai AK CARSR Active 60.615596,
ZBTI A-21 Barter Island AK FPS-117 Active 70.13041,
ZAN Not on 2016 List
ZLUR A-13 Cape Lisburne AK FPS-117 Active Cape Lisburne AFS 68.87057,
ZAN Not on 2016 List
ZEHM J-09 Cape Newenham AK FPS-117 Active Cape Newenham AFS 58.626667,
ZAN Not on 2016 List
ZCZF A-10 Cape Romanzof AK FPS-117 Active Cape Romanzof AFS 61.784722,
ZAN Not on 2016 List
ZCDB A-08 Cold Bay AK FPS-117 Active 55.24528,
ZAN Not on 2016 List
ZFYU A-01 Fort Yukon AK FPS-117 Active Fort Yukon AFS 66.56083,
ZAN Not on 2016 List
ZAKN A-07 King Salmon AK FPS-117 Active King Salmon AFS 58.69250,
ZAN Not on 2016 List
ZOTZ A-12 Kotzebue AK FPS-117 Active Kotzebue AFS 66.84333,
ZAN Not on 2016 List
ZMPY A-02 Murphy Dome AK FPS-117 Active Murphy Dome AFS 64.95194,
ZAN Not on 2016 List
ZOLI A-19 Oliktok AK FPS-117 Active Oliktok AFS 70.49833,
ZAN Not on 2016 List
ZBRW A-17 Point Barrow AK FPS-117 Active Point Barrow AFS 71.32722,
ZAN Not on 2016 List
ZPIZ A-15 Point Lay AK FPS-117 Closed 69.73556,
ZAN Not on 2016 List
ZSVW A-06 Sparrevohn AK FPS-117 Active Sparrevohn AFS 61.119167,
ZAN Not on 2016 List
ZTLJ A-05 Tatalina AK FPS-117 Active Tatalina AFS 62.929167,
ZAN Not on 2016 List
ZTNC A-11 Tin City AK FPS-117 Active Tin City AFS 65.575556,
ZAN Not on 2016 List
ZUTO A-03 Indian Mountain AK FPS-117 Active Indian Mountain AFS 66.06889,
ZAN Not on 2016 List
ZQKK H-02 Mount Kokee HI FPS-117 Active Kokee AFS 22.14778,
ZHN Not on 2016 List
ZQKA H-01 Mount Kaala HI ARSR-4 Active Kaala AFS 21.50750,
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