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Ashburn FAA Radar Site (19??-Active) - A FAA Radar Site first established in 19?? near Ashburn, Turner County, Georgia. Initially assigned a FAA ID of QHN. Active FAA Radar Site.

Ashburn FAA Radar Site.


This site became an FAA radar site in 19??, furnishing radar track data to the FAA ARTCC's and to USAF Direction Centers. The initial FAA ARSR-1E search radar remained in operation until it was modified to become a Common Air Route Surveillance Radar (CARSR) by 2015.

A FYQ-47 Common Digitizer was probably placed in service by February 1973 when the USAF/FAA FST-2 to FYQ-47 replacement program was completed.

The nationwide replacement program converting FAA legacy radar systems to the CARSR radar configuration was completed by 17 Aug 2015 and Ashburn FAA Radar Site was a part of that program. Legacy FAA radars underwent a Service Life Extension Program (SLEP) that replaced key components in the vintage ARSR-1, ARSR-2, FPS-20, FPS-66 and FPS-67 radars. The CARSR program replaced legacy klystron radar transmitters with a solid-state transmitter as well as renovating the radar receiver and signal processor. The CARSR also replaces the CD-2 data processor. The Ashburn FAA Radar Site is now operating with the CARSR radar.

The site is now attached the EADS USAF direction center and the FAA Southern ASO.

Ashburn FAA Site Major Equipment List
Search Radar HF Radar Data Systems

Current Status

Active FAA facility near Ashburn in Turner County, Georgia.

Location: Along Cleghom Road west of Ashburn in Turner County, Georgia.

Maps & Images

Lat: 31.69583 Long: -83.75028

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