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  • Fort Browning (2) - A lunette of Fort Andrew Johnson named after "the President's able Personal Secretary" - probably Orville Browning Lincoln's personal friend
  • Eaton's Station - Settler fort in Tennessee consisting of a "a number of cabins built around a circle with a stockade from one to another with portholes in both the stockade and cabin walls for defense
  • Pine Blluff - Civil War post in Pine Bluff, Tennessee
  • Fort Thomas (5) - A U.S. Army Fort in Gallatin, Tennessee
  • Fort Henderson (2) - Federal fort in Athens, AL. 1863. Surrendered by the 110th Colored Infantry to Forrest in Sep. 1864. Partial remains.
  • Sulphur Springs Trestle - Fortified trestle near Athens, AL. Surrendered to Forrest Sep. 1864

A Lake Ontario and Lake Champlain tour:

  • Are you interested in missile installations? There are twelve missile silos from the early 1960s ringing Plattsburgh AFB, in both NY and VT

Reconstructions in New York State (of varying accuracy):

  • Ste. Marie de Gannentaha, Liverpool


Closer to home:

  • How 'bout Guam (which is still American)? [and I second that: WPT]

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