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Camp Sheridan (3) (1874-1881) - A U.S. Army camp first established as Post at Spotted Tail Indian Agency in 1874 north of present day Hay Srings, Sheridan County, Nebraska. Named Camp Sheridan after U.S. Civil War General Philip H. Sheridan. Abandoned in 1881. Also known as Fort Sheridan.

History of Camp Sheridan

Established in April 1874 at the Spotted Tail Indian Agency by Major Thomas S. Dunn, 8th U.S. Infantry and Companies B, C, H and K of the 8th U.S. Infantry and Company B of the 3rd U.S. Cavalry. In 1875 the post moved into permanent quarters on the west fork of Beaver Creek. The post was established to protect the Brule Sioux from settlers and miners. Chief Crazy Horse surrendered at Camp Sheridan on 4 Sep 1877 and was killed on 5 Sep 1877 at Camp Robinson.

Post abandoned on 1 May 1881.

Current Status

Private property no remains.

Location: Fourteen miles north of Hay Springs on Beaver Road in Sheridan County, Nebraska. The GNIS map point may or may not be an accurate marker location.

Maps & Images

Lat: 42.851981 Long: -102.744211

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  • Elevation: 3,839'



Visited: No

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