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Ashton FAA Radar Site (1963-Active) - An FAA Radar Site first established in 1963 on Sawtell Peak near Island Park, Fremont County, Idaho. Initially assigned a Permanent ID of Z-225 and a SAGE ID of Z-225 and a FAA ID of QVA. Active FAA Radar Site.

Ashton FAA Radar Site on Sawtell Peak


This site became an FAA/ADC joint-use site dedicated on 17 Aug 1963. It furnishes radar track data to the FAA and is data tied to USAF Direction Centers. The initial ARSR-2 radar equipment has been upgraded to a CARSR.

Ashton FAA Radar Site Major Equipment List
Search Radar Data Systems

Current Status

Active facility on Sawtell Peak near Island Park, Fremont County, Idaho. Now equipped with a CARSR radar.

Location: Near Ashton in Fremont County, Idaho.

Maps & Images

Lat: 44.5625 Long: -111.44472

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  • Winkler, David F., Searching the skies: the legacy of the United States Cold War defense radar program, USAF Hq Air Combat Command, 1997, 192 pages, Pdf, page 112.


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