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Salt Lake City ARTCC (1962-Present) - One of 20 FAA Air Route Traffic Control Centers in the lower 48 United States. Established in 1962 near Salt Lake City International Airport in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah. Assigned an FAA ID of ZLC. Active FAA Air Traffic Control Center.

Salt Lake City ARTCC.


Salt Lake City Air Route Traffic Control Center (ZLC) is one of 25 FAA Area Control Centers, 20 in the lower 48 United States. The center is located in Salt Lake City adjacent to the Salt Lake City International Airport in Salt Lake County, Utah. The present facility was Commissioned in 1962. The Salt Lake City Center (ZLC) covers part of the Western Service Area.

On 14 Jun 2012, the FAA decommissioned the 4-decades-old En Route Host computer system at the Seattle and Salt Lake City ARTCCs and replaced the system with the new En Route Automation Modernization (ERAM) system. As of 27 Mar 2015, all 20 of the lower 48 United States ARTCCs had converted to the ERAM system as had the FAA Academy in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

ERAM technology is the heart of the Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen) and the pulse of the National Airspace System (NAS), helping to advance the transition from a ground-based system of air traffic control to a satellite-based system of traffic management. ERAM can process data from 64 radars versus the 24 radar processing with the legacy HOST system.

Salt Lake City ARTCC Radar Sites (edit list)
FAA JSS NORAD Site State Equip Status Origin GPS ARTCC Notes
ZBAM Z-214 Battle Mountain NV CARSR Active 40.40306,
ZLC Data Tie
ZTPH Z-164 Tonopah NV IFF/SIF Active Tonopah AFS 38.05167,
ZCDC Z-216 Cedar City UT CARSR Active 37.59306,
ZLC Data Tie
ZSLC Z-213 Francis Peak
(Salt Lake City)
UT CARSR Active 41.03278,
ZLC Data Tie
ZGTF J-77A Bootlegger Ridge MT ARSR-4 Active 47.61361,
ZQLS J-78 Z-179 Lakeside MT ARSR-4 Active Kalispell AFS 48.01139,
ZRKS Z-218 Rock Springs WY CARSR Active 41.43472,
ZLC Data Tie
ZQCK Z-223 Boise ID CARSR Active 44.44250,
ZLC Data Tie *
ZQWA J-76 Z-300 Watford City ND ARSR-4 Active 47.67889,

Current Status

Active facility in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah.

Location: 2150 W 700 N, Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah.

Maps & Images

Lat: 40.78607 Long: -111.95232

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