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Finley FAA Radar Site (1979-Active) - A FAA Radar Site first established in 1979 near Finley, Steele County, North Dakota. Initially assigned a SAGE ID of Z-303, a JSS ID of J-75 and a FAA ID of QFI. Active FAA Radar Site.

Finley FAA Radar Site

History of Finley FAA Radar Site

This site became an FAA/ADC joint-use site on 30 Dec 1979, furnishing radar track data to the FAA and to USAF Direction Centers. The initial equipment included the FAA ARSR-3 search radar and one USAF FPS-116 height-finder. The height-finder was removed about 1988. The ARSR-3 was replaced with a FAA ARSR-4 3D radar in 1997-1998.

This site replaced the Air Force radar site at Finley Air Force Station and that site was closed. The new site was located directly adjacent to the Finley Air Force Station GATR site and that building remains at the site.

Finley FAA Site Major Equipment List
Search Radar HF Radar Data Systems
  • FYQ-47 ?

Current Status

Active facility in Finley, Steele County, North Dakota.

Location: Near Finley in Steele County, North Dakota.

Maps & Images

Lat: 47.52833 Long: -97.90083

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  • Winkler, David F., Searching the Skies: the Legacy of the United States Cold War Defense Radar Program, USAF Hq Air Combat Command, 1997, 192 pages, Pdf


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