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ARSR-3 Long-Range Search Radar Set - A long-range ground search radar set built by Westinghouse for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). First deployed in July 1978.

ARSR-3 Search Radar

The ARSR-3 was an long-range L-band (1215- 1400 MHz) air-route-surveillance radar built by Raytheon for the FAA. Twenty six ARSR-3s were deployed by the FAA between 1978 and FY1980. The first installation took place at the FAA Aeronautical Center in Oklahoma City in July 1978 and they delivered the last one in FY1980.

ARSR-3 Search Radar Contracts
Date Contract Sets Amount Notes
February 1973 Prototype 1 $3.5 million Final cost $7.9 milllion
July 1975 Production 16 $30.2 million
December 1975 Production 10 $11.2 million

The ARSR-3 was used as a surveillance system to detect azimuth and range of en route aircraft operating between FAA terminal areas. The ARSR-3 was dual channeled with the ability to run both channels at the same time in a diplex mode. Each channel used a klystron that providing 5MW peak power with 3.3kW average power. When dipexed the two channels were shifted in frequency and could be staggered about a set of prfs. When optimized, the diplex mode could result in a detection range of 240 nmi.

ARSR-3 Upgrades

In FY85 a contract to upgrade 64 FAA tube type en route radar sets was awarded to United Technologies/Norden Systems as the first of the modifications to improve maintainability and reduce costs.

By 2015 all of the operating ARSR-3s had been further transformed into Common Air-Route-Surveillance (CARSR) radars with 9200S Antennas and additional solid state components that would extend the supportable life of the set into 2025.

ARSR-3 Search Radar
Element Value Notes
Nomenclature ARSR-3
Variants ARSR-3A thru D
D configuration reportedly
had height-finder capability
Manufacturer Westinghouse
Type Search
Number Made 36 Total
26 FAA
7 Canada
2 Switzerland
Frequency 1250-1350MHz
PRF 310-365 Hz
Pulse Width 2 us
Rotation Speed 5 rpm
Antenna 9200S
Power 5 MW
3.5 KW
Range 240 nmi long range
Altitude 100,000
Introduced 1978
Cost per set $1.6 million approx

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