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Fort Union (1) (1829-1867) - Established in 1829 as an American Fur Company post by Kenneth McKenzie in present day Valley County, Montana. Later bought by the Federal Government, abandoned and scrapped in 1866.

Fort Union (1) History

Fort Union remained a thriving trade center until smallpox swept through the local tribes. Expansion from the east increased pressure on the tribes, leading to several outbreaks of hostility. Despite the construction of U.S. Army Fort Buford down river from Fort Union, maintaining safety in the area became impractical. The coming of the Civil War shifted attention from the West and Fort Union fell into disuse. It was abandoned finally and scrapped in 1867.

Current Status

Location: Fraser, Valley County, Montana. Map point is approximate.

Maps & Images

Lat: 48.058611 Long: -106.041111



Visited: No

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