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Huntsville Arsenal (1941-1949) - A U.S. Army arsenal established in 1941 during World War II in present day Huntsville, Madison County, Alabama. Consolidated into Redstone Arsenal in 1949.


Huntsville and Redstone Arsenals in WWII

Huntsville Arsenal was established in 1941 to create a second chemical weapons plant in addition to the Edgewood Arsenal in Maryland. The arsenal produced and stockpiled banned chemical weapons such as phosgene, Lewisite, and mustard gas at the beginning of World War II. The rational for producing the banned chemical weapons was that they would be use only to retaliate against anyone who used them first. The arsenal also produced and stored tear gas and made incendiary bombs.

The Huntsville Arsenal and Huntsville Depot were combined into the Redstone Arsenal on 30 Jun 1949 with Redstone Arsenal assuming the command functions.

Current Status

Active military installation, Hunstville, Madison County, Alabama

Location: Redstone Arsenal, Hunstville, Madison County, Alabama.

Maps & Images

Lat: 34.648602 Long: -86.65977



Visited: No

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