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Fort Randall (1856-1892) - Established in 1856 by Captain Nelson H. Davis (Cullum 1320), 2nd U.S. Infantry, to replace Fort Pierre (1). Named after Ltc. Daniel Randall who was Deputy Paymaster General of the Army. Abandoned in 1892.

Fort Randall History

The site was selected in 1856 by General William S. Harney, Commander of the Sioux Expedition. The post was established 14 Aug 1856 by Capt. Nelson H. Davis, 2nd U.S. Infantry. By 1859 the post had 24 log structures that housed six companies or about 500 men. During 1863-1865 the post was General Sully's base of operations for his campaigns against the Sioux Indians. The log structures were rebuilt in 1871 and the post became a show place. Officially abandoned 7 Dec 1892.

Current Status

Fort Randall National Historic Site. Some remains and a visitor center.

Location: Fort Randall National Historic Site, Gregory County, South Dakota.

Maps & Images

Lat: 43.0502727 Long: -98.5603604



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Fort Randall Picture Gallery

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