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Fort Lincoln (1) (1849-1852) - Established 7 Jul 1849 by Maj. James Longstreet, 8th U.S. Infantry, and named for Capt. George Lincoln, Co. E, 8th U.S. Infantry, who was killed in the Mexican War. The fort was abandoned 20 Jul 1852 as the frontier moved further west.

Fort Lincoln Roadside Marker
Fort Lincoln Site from the Road Marker

Fort Lincoln History

The fort was one of 8 established after the Mexican War along the then western frontier. These forts were built under the command of Gen. George Mercer Brooke and served to establish Federal authority along the frontier. The forts were Fort Inge (1849-1869), Fort Lincoln (1) (1849-1852), Fort Martin Scott (1848-1866), Fort Croghan (1) (1849–1855), Fort Gates (1849-1852), Fort Graham (1849-1853), and Fort Worth (1849-1853).

In 1851 the fort had buildings for two companies, a commissary, two storehouses and a hospital. Water was first obtained from standing water pools in Seco Creek until a proper well was constructed. The post normally housed 90-120 troops.

Current Status

No remaining structures, only the remains of the post well and a roadside marker.

Location: 2.2 miles north of D'Hanis, Texas on FR 1796, on the west bank of Seco Creek.

Maps & Images

Lat: 29.360072 Long: -99.283962

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  • Elevation: 910'



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