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Fort Frederica (1736-1763) - First established in 1736 by British General James Oglethorpe on present day St. Simons Island, Glynn County, Georgia. Abandoned in 1763.

Fort Frederica Kings Magazine
Fort Frederica Baracks and Parade


Established as a fortified community of British settlers in 1736. One hundred sixteen settlers arrived in March and April of 1736 under the command of General James Oglethorpe and built a fortified settlement.

Fort Frederica Plan Sign

The town was laid out in a rectangular plat within a fortified polygon that surrounded the whole town. The outer fortification included palisaded earthworks and a surrounding moat. A central fortification within the outer fortification stood on the river bank and included palisaded earthworks enclosing a sallyport, the kings magazine, two storehouses and gun batteries. On the north end of the outer fortification stood stone barracks and the parade.

Fort Frederica Military Road

On 25 Sep 1738 the military garrison and the townspeople started a six mile road to British Fort St. Simons on the tip of Saint Simons Island. The military road was completed in three days and greatly strengthened the island's defenses. This road played a role in defeating Spanish invaders on 7 Jul 1742 at Gully Hole Creek and Bloody Marsh.

The defeat of the Spanish in 1742 and the end of the war with Spain in 1748 resulted in a decrease in the garrison at Fort Frederica and a decline in the importance and population at the town of Frederica. In 1758 a great fire destroyed most of the town and by 1763 most of the population and the garrison were gone.

Current Status

Now Fort Frederica National Monument on St. Simons Island, Glynn County, Georgia. Period guns and mounts in place. At the time these pictures were taken the cannons were off being refurbished.

Location: Fort Frederica National Monument, Glyn County, Georgia.

Maps & Images

Lat: 31.223307 Long: -81.393440



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