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Fort Clagett (1870-1878) - A T. C. Power and Bro. trading post first established as Fort Cooke in 1870 near present-day Judith Landing, Fergus County, Montana. Renamed Fort Clagett after U.S. Representative William H. Clagett in 1872. Discontinued in 1878.


U.S. Army Camp Cooke was established in July 1866 near present-day Judith Landing on the Missouri River in Fergus County, Montana. A civilian trader named Thomas C. Power built a small trading post near the camp to supply goods and services to the soldiers. His trading post was called Fort Claggett. Thomas Power also operated the commissary at Camp Cooke. Conditions at Camp Cooke were horrific, the post was remote and isolated to an extreme but when the camp was overrun by rats the Army closed the post.

About 1872 Power moved his trading post below the Judith, where he continued to use the name Fort Cooke until June 1872. He then changed the name to Fort Clagett. The post was discontinued in November 1878.

The remnants of Camp Cooke were bought by Thomas Powers, who owned the nearby Fort Claggett trading post. Powers established the now 48,594± acre PN Ranch that recently sold for $21,500,000.

Current Status

Now portions of the ranch are a part of the Upper Missouri River Breaks National Monument, the Missouri National Wild and Scenic River, and the Dog Creek Wilderness Study Area

Location: Judith Landing, Fergus County, Montana.

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Lat: 47.7327778 Long: -109.6761111

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  • Elevation: 2,431'

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  • MT0028 - Fort Clagett
  • MT0036 - Fort Cooke

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