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Fort Charlotte Martello Tower (1796-1877) - A British colonial Martello tower established in 1812 at Fort Charlotte (2) on Georges Island in present day Halifax Harbor, Halifax, Halifax County, Nova Scotia, Canada. Designed by Captain Gustave Nicolls. Named after Prince Edward's mother, Queen Charlotte. Destroyed in 1877.

Fort Charlotte on George's Island in Halifax Harbor Site of the Fort Charlotte Martello Tower

Fort Charlotte Martello Tower History

Part of the Harbor Defense of Halifax.

One of five Martello Towers built for the defense of Halifax Harbor. The towers were mainly designed to provide land side protection for water facing batteries. The five Halifax Harbor Martello Towers were:

The Fort Charlotte Martello Tower was a stone tower built to be 30' high, with a diameter at the base of 45'-50'.

Current Status

Destroyed, the site is part of the Georges Island National Historic Site on Georges Island, Halifax, Halifax County, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Location: Fort Charlotte on Georges Island, Halifax, Halifax County, Nova Scotia, Canada

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Lat: 44.64077 Long: -63.55907

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