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Fort Vermillion (1) (1822-1850) - A Columbia Fur Company trading post and fort established in 1822 on the Missouri River about 6 miles south of present-day Gayville, South Dakota. Taken over by the American Fur Company in 1835. Abandoned in 1850. Also known as Dickson's Post

Fort Vermillion (1) Marker.


Established in 1822 by the Columbia Fur Company on the Missouri River at Audubon's point opposite the Petite Arc Creek (Little Bow Creek). William Dickson (Dixon) was the factor from 1832 until his death about 1840 followed by Theophile Bruguler and Charles Larpenteur

The post itself was a small stockaded one that was absorbed into the American Fur Company in 1835 and continued operating until 1850.

Current Status

Marker only located just south of SD-50 on 452nd Avenue. The post was located about six miles below Gayvill. The GPS coordinates of the site are approximate while the coordinates of the marker are correct.

Location: Near Gayville, Clay County, South Dakota.

Maps & Images

Lat: 42.80757 Long: -97.15952

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Visited: 11 Jul 2020 Marker location

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