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Camp Warner (1) (1866-1867) - Established 15 Jul 1866 by Federal soldiers from Boise, Idaho and moved 1 Sep 1867 to a new location Camp Warner (2). Also known as Camp Burbank.

Camp Warner History

The first Camp Warner was a temporary camp built when winter closed in on the troops. Lt. Col. (bvt. Maj Gen.) George Crook, 23rd U.S. Infantry, arrived in the spring of 1867 and ordered the camp be moved west of the initial location to a lower elevation. He had a stone causeway built across Lake Hart so the wagons could reach the new location.

Current Status

Only a few indentations remain where stone fireplaces may have been. Two lonely marble slabs mark the graves of Ward Cantrell, born 1846, died 1867, and Lewis Debold, born 1847, died 1866.

Location:East side of Warner Valley, Lake County, Oregon, near the site of the Order of the Antelope Blue Sky Hotel, now closed.

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Lat: 42.430426 Long: -119.729176

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