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Fort Custer (1) (1877-1898) - Established 4 Jul 1877 by Ltc. Col. George P. Buell, 11th U.S. Infantry and named after Lt. Col. George A. Custer, 7th U.S. Cavalry, killed at the battle of Little Big Horn 25 Jun 1876. Abandoned 17 Apr 1898. Also known as Big Horn Post (1) and Big Horn Barracks.

Fort Custer DAR Marker
Big Horn River Below Fort Custer
Fort Custer Marker Location


Established to control the Sioux and other local Indians after the Custer Massacre in June 1876.

Fort Custer had quarters for 10 companies including stables for 6 troops of cavalry. It was built with buildings surrounding a large parade ground but had no walls or other fortifications.

When the fort was closed the buildings were sold and some of the structures and materials were used in the nearby town of Hardin, Montana.

Current Status

A DAR marker is located at the edge of the old post but there are no visible remains where the post stood. Off to the west at the top of a bluff overlooking the confluence of the Big Horn and Little Horn Rivers. The map point is the DAR Marker location.

Location: U.S. Hwy 87 south of Hardin, Montana,
where the Hwy crosses the Big Horn River.

Maps & Images

Lat: 45.72344 Long: -107.57317

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  • Elevation: 3034'

GPS Locations:



Fortification ID:

  • MT0046 - Fort Custer (1)
  • MT0009 - Big Horn Barracks
  • MT0010 - Big Horn Post (1)

Visited: 26 May 2010

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