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Wellington Barracks (1797-1905, 1906-Present) - A military barracks established in 1797 adjacent to the Halifax Citadel in present day Halifax, Halifax County, Nova Scotia, Canada. Abandoned by the British in 1905 and taken over by Canadian forces. Renamed Nelson Barracks and HMCS Stadacona.

Wellington Barracks 1901 Married Officer's Quarters
9-inch Armstrong Gun Recovered from Halifax Arsenal
Wellington Barracks 1805 Commanding Officer's Quarters

Wellington Barracks History

Constructed as a garrison for the adjoining Halifax Citadel complex and expanded over the years to include the remaining Commanding Officer's Quarters (1805), Officer's Mess (1814), Cambridge Military Library (1886), Married Officer's Quarters (1901) and Warrant Officer's Quarters (1903).

Wellington Barracks 1814 Officer's Mess

Land for the Barracks was originally purchased through John W. Schwart, a local merchant, for 150 pounds. The first buildings were completed in October 1803 with the Commanding Officer's quarters completed in 1805. Over the years the post grew to include a parade square and barracks, a hospital, various messes and a guard room. Various buildings and facilities were constructed and demolished over the years and the park is now much smaller than the original, but the Facilities have been in use by the military since 1797.

With the departure of the last British garrison in 1905, well after Canadian Confederation, the Royal Canadian Navy took over the post and renamed it Nelson Barracks. It was later renamed HMCS Stadacona.

Current Status

Wellington Barracks 1886 Cambridge Military Library

Active military installation in Halifax, Halifax County, Nova Scotia, Canada. On the grounds are five historic buildings and eleven mounted historic artillery pieces. Inside access may be restricted but the buildings and the historic artillery pieces may be viewed through the fence. The artillery collection includes a 9-inch Armstrong gun unearthed at the Halifax Armoury during excavation of the Armoury foundation. Home to the Cambridge Military Library, founded in 1817 and moved to the post in 1886.

Location: Artillery Park in Halifax, Halifax County, Nova Scotia, Canada

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