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Welcome to the Fort Wiki.

FortWiki is an invitation only Wiki. This mode of operation keeps us spam free and restricted to people who care about forts. To get a logon on the site send me an email and I'll fix you up.

John[@]fortwiki.com (remove the brackets)

All registered users are invited to edit the information (articles) contained on this site. Please browse around, as you do, you are likely to think of many other people, forts, stations and other items that should be part of the site. Feel free to start an article on any subject that you see is missing. Don't worry if you don't have all of the information, just start it and others will finish it. By the same token, feel free to add or edit other articles if you see a way to improve them, even if it is as simple as correcting a spelling error.

FortWiki will always be a work in progress. Improving the site will ensure the ongoing value of this resource to all members. Thanks for your help.

For a list of pages that are needed at this time, see wanted pages.

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