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An author, military historian/heraldrist/chronicler and professional photographer living in the Washington DC area, John Michael has traveled extensively across the United States capturing the sights in his photography. Since 2000, he has focused on the United States military, especially the US Army and photographs the final honors at Arlington National Cemetery.

When asked about John Michael, a noted Washington, DC based military historian responded: "He's an athlete - with a natural talent focused in photography and over the years, his experiences have honed his outstanding skills. His photographs evoke a passion and deep emotion."

He's brought that same passion, thoroughness to his work in presenting history.

His photography is un matched and provides a vivid experience that expresses the true meaning of the content - the photographs reach out to you and draw you in with a vividness beyond imagination. This immersion into the US military community has sparked a passion that compliments his photographic work. His mission is ongoing of -

"Preserving the memories so others will remember..." ™

John Michael is presently working on several books: published in JUN 2011 is "Images of America - Fort Myer" and another future one is about the Presidential Salute Battery.

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