U.S. Founding Fathers

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George Washington Gilbert Stuart.jpg John Adams c1792-3.jpg Thomas Jefferson 1800.jpg James Madison-1.jpg Ben Franklin Painting.jpg Alexander Hamilton 1806.jpg Portrait of John Jay 1794.jpg
George Washington John Adams Thomas Jefferson James Madison Benjamin Franklin Alexander Hamilton John Jay
U.S. Founding Fathers (edit list)
Name Dec of Indep Constitution President Also Served As Notes
Washington, George Presided 1st Commander in Chief
Adams, John Signed 2nd 1st U.S. Vice President
Jefferson, Thomas Authored 3rd 2nd U.S. Vice President
1st U.S. Secretary of State
Madison, James Signed 4th 5th U.S. Secretary of State
Franklin, Benjamin Signed Signed
Hamilton, Alexander Signed 1st U.S. Sec of the Treasury Killed in a Duel with Aaron Burr
Jay, John 1st U.S. Chief Justice
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