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SAGE System Combat Centers (edit list)
Location Type State Unit SAGE JSS From To GPS Notes
Hancock AFS NY 26th AD CC-1 RCC 1958-12-00 1966-04-01 43.12194,
CC Building built
FSQ-8 installed
Truax Field ANG WI 30th AD CC-2 1959-09-00 1966-04-01 43.12667,
CC Building built
FSQ-8 installed
McChord AFB WA 25th AD CC-3 RCC 1960-05-00 1966-04-01 47.12167,
CC Building built
FSQ-8 installed
Stewart ANG NY CC-4 41.50028,
No CC Building built
DC/CC Shared FSQ-7
Minot AFS ND CC-? 48.41415,
CC Building Built
No FSQ-8s Installed
Sioux City AFS IA CC-7 42.3975,
FSQ-8s Converted
to FSQ-7s
North Bay CFB ON CC-8 1963-00-00 1983-07-01 46.3375,
No CC Building built
DC/CC Shared FSQ-7
Hamilton AFB CA 28th AD SCC-5 1969-12-31 38.05444,
No CC Building built
Remoted from Luke DC
GSA-51 installed later
Richards-Gebaur AFB MO 29th AD
10th AF
SCC-6 1969-12-31 38.84639,
No CC Building built
FSQ-7s Converted
to FSQ-8s


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  • Radomes - SAGE Documents
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