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Mound Fort (1853-1855) - A Mormon settler fort established in 1853 just before the Walker Indian War in present day Ogden, Weber County, Utah. Abandoned as a fortification in 1855 when the residents were ordered to move into Ogden city. Also known as Ogden Stockade.

Mound Fort Marker next to the LDS Church on top of the Mound Fort Site.

History of Mound Fort

Mound Fort Marker Text

Established in 1853 at the request of Brigham Young. The new fort was built around an Indian burial bound to protect settlers against hostile Indian attacks during the Walker Indian War (1853-1854).

A ten foot high wall of stone and adobe surrounded the base of the mound. The steep north side of mound formed one of the walls and was topped with just a three foot high rifle revetment. About sixteen families may have occupied the fort.

Probably abandoned as a fortification in 1855 when Brigham Young ordered the occupants to move into the larger Ogden Fort.

Current Status

Marker only at the intersection of Childs Ave. and E. 10th St., Ogden, Weber County, Utah.

Location: Ogden, Weber County, Utah.

Maps & Images

Lat: 41.245806 Long: -111.973

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  • Elevation: 4,304'

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