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Last Mountain House (1869-1871) - A Hudson's Bay Company post first established in 1869 near present day Craven, Saskatchewan. Abandoned in 1871.

Last Mountain House Reconstructed Men's Quarters
Last Mountain House Reconstructed Trade Store
Last Mountain House Provincial Park Reconstructed Buildings

History of Last Mountain House

Last Mountain House Reconstructed Ice Cellar

Established in 1869 as a Hudson's Bay Company sub-post of Fort Qu’Appelle in the Last Mountain Lake and upper Qu’Appelle River area. One of the last fur trading posts established.

The post experienced a successful first season but the rapid decline of the buffalo herds and local conflicts made succeeding years difficult and by 1871 the post was abandoned. Last Mountain House was burned down and not rebuilt.

Current Status

Last Mountain House Trade Store Interior

Part of Last Mountain House Provincial Park. Three post buildings (master's house, trade store and men's barracks) reconstructed on their original sites and outfitted with period furnishings. Also reconstructed are the ice cellar and a fur press. Located near Craven, Saskatchewan.

Location: 5.7 miles NW of Craven, Saskatchewan, on Hwy 20.

Maps & Images

Lat: 50.77437 Long: -104.87085

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