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  1. Copy the whole set of text below into a Text Editor that has a search and replace function.
  2. Search and replace the repetitive five character tokens like "fffff" with the appropriate value like "McHenry".
  3. After you complete replacing all the tokens, go through all the text adding and adjusting so it all makes sense.
  4. Anywhere you see "....." some data should be supplied or the line should be removed.
  5. Remove all the Optional Categories at the bottom of the page that do not apply.
  6. Create an empty page on FortWiki by typing the full name of the fort like "Fort McHenry" into the search box and click on search.
  7. Click on the red page name on the search page and an empty page will appear.
  8. Paste the corrected text into the empty page, click on the "Preview" button and check the resulting page.
  9. If everything is ok then click on the "Save" button and your page should appear.
Replacement tokens
Fort=fffff               Name of fort without "Fort"
Type=ttttt               Fort, Camp, Battery
Start=sssss              Established year or land purchase year
End=eeeee                Abandoned year
County=ccccc             like "Essex County"
State=xxxxx              State Name
Era=aaaaa                "World War I", "World War II", "U.S. Civil War", "Endicott Period", 
Latitude=lllll           nn.nnnnnn
Longitude=ggggg          -nnn.nnnnnn
Elevation=yyyyy          nnnn in feet
City=ppppp               closest city/town

-------------------------- Cut below --------------------
'''{{PAGENAME}}''' (sssss-eeeee) - A [[aaaaa]] ttttt established in sssss on ..... ppppp, ccccc, xxxxx. Named ttttt fffff after [[..... fffff]]. Abandoned in eeeee.
|- valign="top"
|width="50%"|[[Image:.jpg|300px|thumb|left|ttttt fffff]]
|width="50%"|[[Image:.jpg|300px|thumb|right|ttttt fffff]]
|colspan="2"|[[Image:.jpg|795px|thumb|center|ttttt fffff]]
== History of ttttt fffff ==
Established in sssss. 

<!-- Replace this line with your text about the fort-->

Abandoned in eeeee.
== Current Status ==
<!-- Replace this line with your text about the current status of the fort-->
<googlemap version="0.9" lat="lllll" lon="ggggg" zoom="16" width="500" scale="yes" overview="yes" controls="large" icons="{label}.png">
(F) lllll, ggggg, ttttt fffff
'''Location:''' ppppp, ccccc, xxxxx.

* Elevation: yyyyy'

'''See Also:'''

* {{Roberts}}, page .....
* {{GNIS2|ID=.....}}

* [ North American Forts - ttttt fffff]
* [ Wikipedia - ttttt fffff]



[[Category:xxxxx All]]
[[Category:xxxxx ttttts]]
[[Category:xxxxx ccccc]]
[[Category:xxxxx Not Visited]]
[[Category:Starter Page]]

<!--Optional - Delete those below that don't apply------>
[[Category:Coastal ttttts]]
[[Category:U.S. Arsenals]]

[[Category:Colonial ttttts]]
[[Category:Spanish Colonial ttttts]]
[[Category:French & Indian War ttttts]]
[[Category:Revolutionary War ttttts]]
[[Category:War of 1812 ttttts]]
[[Category:Trail of Tears ttttts]]
[[Category:Mexican War ttttts]]
[[Category:U.S. Civil War ttttts]]
[[Category:Washington DC Defense System - U.S. Civil War]]

[[Category:Spanish American War ttttts]]
[[Category:World War I ttttts]]
[[Category:World War II ttttts]]
[[Category:Cold War ttttts]]
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