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Halifax Armoury (1895-Present) - A Canadian Federal Armoury established in 1895 in present day Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Active military armoury.

Halifax Armoury Side View.
Halifax Armoury Signage.
Halifax Armoury Building Front View.


Established in 1895 and completed in 1899 as a part of a program to reform and expand the Active Volunteer Canadian Militia prior to the start of World War I. Located some five blocks northwest of the Halifax Citadel.

The Armoury was built as a huge rectangular red rough faced sandstone building with administrative offices along the two long side. Towers guard three of the four corners of the building and a large troop door is centered at the front.

One of the major works of architect Thomas Fuller and his last major project.

Current Status

Halifax Armoury Marker

Active Canadian Federal Armoury.

Location: 2667 North Park Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Maps & Images

Lat: 44.65173 Long: -63.58698

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