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Fort Upper Tract (1756-1758) - A French & Indian War era fort established in 1756 near the town of Upper Tract, Pendleton County, West Virginia. Attacked, captured, burned, and abandoned in 1758.


A French and Indian War stockade, built in early 1756 at the direction of Captain Thomas Waggener in compliance with orders of Colonel George Washington who was in charge of frontier defenses. It stood a short distance west of the South Branch of the Potomac. The Fort was built between 21 Aug 1756 and 9 Nov 1756, by Lieutenant Lomax and 20 soldiers aided by local settlers. It was constructed of wood in a quadrangular shape.

The fort, then commanded by Captain James Dunlap, was attacked on 27 Apr 1758, by a party of French and Indians who captured and burned the defense. Captain Dunlap and 22 others were killed. The next day, the same war party laid siege to Fort Seybert, about 10 miles to the southeast, and massacred its occupants. About 60 were killed and missing at the two forts.

Abandoned in 1758.

Current Status

The exact location of the fort is not known and at least two locations are indicated.

Location: Upper Tract, Pendleton County, West Virginia.

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Lat: 38.790319 Long: -79.270929

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  • WV0298 - Fort Upper Tract

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