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Fort Tuthill (1928-1955) - An Arizona National Guard post established as Camp Tuthill in 1928 south of Flagstaff in Coconino County, Arizona. Named for Brigadier General Alexander M. Tuthill, Commander Arizona National Guard. Renamed Fort Tuthill in 1929. Became a county park in 1955.

Fort Tuthill Mess Hall Entrance
Fort Tuthill Warehouse Building
Fort Tuthill Entrance Flanked by Two Mess Hall Buildings


Fort Tuthill Headquarters Building

Fort Tuthill was designed specifically as a National Guard training post by a professional architectural firm, Lescher & Mahoney of Phoenix, Arizona. The design consisted of a core quad of permanent buildings surrounded on three sides by rows of tents. Three sides of the quad each supported a battalion of troops (about 1000 men) organized into companies. The fourth side housed senior officers. Each battalion had six permanent mess hall buildings in the quad for a total of 18 mess halls on three sides. The fourth side contained a large warehouse building, an infirmary, and a powerhouse. At the center of the quad was the headquarters building.

Fort Tuthill was the annual field training site for the 158th Infantry Regiment, Arizona National Guard, from 1929 to 1937, 1939, and in 1948.

Current Status

Fort Tuthill Military Museum in an Original Latrine Building

Fort Tuthill County Park, Coconino County, Arizona. The Fort Tuthill Military Museum is housed in one of the original fort buildings.

Location: Fort Tuthill, County Park, Coconino County, Arizona.

Maps & Images

Lat: 35.141022 Long: -111.693397

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  • Elevation: 6995'

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  • AZ0279 - Fort Tuthill
  • AZ0278 - Camp Tuthill

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