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Fort Supply (2) (1868-1895) - A U.S. Army post established as Camp Supply (1) in 1868 by Captain John H. Page, 3rd U.S. Infantry, near the present day town of Fort Supply, Woodward County, Oklahoma. Designated Fort Supply in 1878. Abandoned in 1895. Also known as Depot on the North Canadian.

Camp Supply 1869

Fort Supply History

Established as Camp Supply by Captain John H. Page, 3rd U.S. Infantry on 18 Nov 1868 to support General Philip H. Sheridan's campaign against the plains Indians.

Turned over to the Interior Department 14 Nov 1894 and abandoned by the U.S. Army on 12 Feb 1895.

Current Status

Part of the Fort Supply Historic District, Woodward County, Oklahoma. The Oklahoma Historical Society operates a visitor center and is restoring the stockade and five of the original structures.

Location: Fort Supply, Woodward County, Oklahoma.

Maps & Images

Lat: 36.572329 Long: -99.551636



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