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Fort Sullivan (2) (1778-1780s) - A Patriot Revolutionary War Fort established in 1778 in Providence, Providence County, Rhode Island. Named Fort Sullivan probably after General John Sullivan. Abandoned in 1780s.

History of Fort Sullivan

A Patriot Revolutionary War Fort probably established in 1778 on the west side of the Providence River in the city of Providence, Rhode Island.

From Edward Field (1896) below: "On the high land on the west side of the river, southerly from what was then called the road to Pawtuxet (now Broad Street), was a fort which bore the name Fort Sullivan. While there is no recorded evidence to show when it was built, the name given to it suggests that it was thrown up during the time when General John Sullivan was in command of this department, and that was in 1778.

It was probably the first of the Revolutionary defences to be obliterated; for in 1784, the owners of the property on which it was located, — Messrs. Barzillai Richmond, John Field, Daniel Snow, Joseph Snow, Joseph Snow, Jr., Daniel Snow, Jr., and Benoni Pearce, desiring to improve this tract of land, caused a good part of the hill to be dug away, and used the material to fill in the low marshland along the river at its base. Through the land thus graded, streets were laid out, and dedicated to the public use. The square bounded by Broad, Foster, Chestnut, and Friendship streets includes the spot on which Fort Sullivan was built."

Current Status

No remains.

Location: Providence, Providence County, Rhode Island. Map point is from the GNIS coordinates and may not be accurate.

Maps & Images

Lat: 41.81881 Long: -71.4136

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