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Fort Ste. Reine (1730-1736) - A French Colonial Period Fort established circa 1730 near St. Francisville, West Feliciana Parish, Louisiana. Abandoned in 1736.


Fort Ste. Reine was thought to have been established in the early part of 1730 under Louisiana Governor Étienne de Perier. The post was located on the Mississippi River north of present-day Baton Rouge at the mouth of Bayou Sara.

Governor Perier was recalled to France and replaced by Jean-Baptiste Le Moyne de Bienville after Bienville had spent seven years in France. Bienville placed Lieutenant de Pontalba, in command of the fort in June 1733. Here he remained until the early part of 1736 when he and his command were ordered to join Bienville at New Orleans to participate in the governor's disastrous campaign against the Chickasaw Indians.

It appears that Fort Ste. Reine was abandoned in April of 1736 when Lieutenant de Pontalba marched his troops away. Later mapmakers made note of the location and marked it as "abandoned."

Current Status

No visible remains.

Location: Near St. Francisville, West Feliciana Parish, Louisiana.

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Lat: 30.7625 Long: -91.39722

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