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Fort Rucker (1942-1946, 1950-Active) - A World War II U.S. Army installation initially established in 1942 as Ozark Triangular Division Camp near Daleville, Dale County, Alabama. Named Camp Rucker in June 1943 after Colonel Edmund W. Rucker, who was a U.S. Civil War Confederate officer. Closed in 1946 after the end of World War II, reactivated in August 1950 at the start of the Korean War. Designated Fort Rucker on 26 Oct 1955, it became the site of U.S. Army Aviation School. Active U.S. Army Post.

Fort Rucker WWII Chapel Building.
Fort Rucker U.S. Army Aviation Museum.
Fort Rucker Headquarters Static Display Helicopters.

World War II

Camp Rucker WWII Headquarters.

Officially opened on 1 May 1942 with quarters and facilities for 3,280 Officers and 39,461 Enlisted Personnel. The post provided training for U.S. Army Infantry combat troops headed for service overseas including the 81st, 35th, 98th and the 66th Infantry Divisions as well as smaller, specialized units. Toward the end of the war in 1944, stockades on Camp Rucker housed some 2000 German and Italian prisoners of war (POWs). The POWs were employed as day laborers on local farms, harvesting local produce. They were paid 75 cents a day in Military Payment Certificates (Script). At the end of the war, the camp served as a demobilization center for returning troops and then was deactivated in March 1946.

Korean War

Fort Rucker U.S. Army Aviation Museum Korean War Era Display.

Camp Rucker was reactivated at the outset of the Korean War again for infantry training and to furnished replacements for combat troops in Korea. At the end of the Korean War, the post was briefly deactivated.

Cold War

Fort Rucker U.S. Army Aviation Museum Viet Nam War Era Display.

On 1 Sep 1955, the U.S. Army Aviation School was activated at the post and on 26 Oct 1955, the post was designated, Fort Rucker. Since that time Fort Rucker has provided instruction for helicopter pilots who have served in Cold War conflicts from Vietnam to the Gulf & Iraq Wars.

Current Status

Active U.S. Army post providing helicopter and fixed wing aircraft pilot training and support. Maintains Cairns Army Airfield and five Army Heliports supporting the training mission. Home to the U.S. Army Aviation Museum.

Location: Daleville, Dale County, Alabama.

Maps & Images

Lat: 31.32971 Long: -85.71169

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  • Elevation: 276' (varies)

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