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Fort Pueblo (1842-1854) - Established as an adobe fur trading post in 1842 by James P. Beckwourth and other trappers in Pueblo County, Colorado. Destroyed in 1854. Also known as El Pueblo.

Fort Pueblo Gate
Fort Pueblo Archeological Dig Site Building
Fort Pueblo Interior
Fort Pueblo Exterior

Fort Pueblo History

Established as an adobe trading post in 1842 by James P. Beckwourth and other fur trappers in the present day city of Pueblo, Pueblo County, Colorado. The post was a 180' square adobe structure located close to the confluence of the Arkansas River and the Fountain River. The post population varied from about 150 in 1847 to about 24 in 1854.

On 25 Dec 1854 a band of hostile Ute Indians attacked to fort and killed all the men but one and captured the sole woman and her two children.

Current Status

Fort Pueblo Archeological Dig Original Wall Fragment

Part of the Colorado Historical Society Museum system, city of Pueblo, Pueblo County, Colorado. An outdoor replica of the fort is constructed at the site and is not dependent on museum hours. This replica is not accurate to the original but represents typical features of a trading post. A separate building covers an archeological dig site that has exposed fragments of the original walls. The building is usually locked but the walls are glass and the dig can be viewed at any time.

Location: City of Pueblo, Pueblo County, Colorado. Map point is the site of the replica.

Maps & Images

Lat: 38.267289 Long: -104.611218



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