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Fort Orford (1851-1856) - A U.S. Army fort established 14 Sep 1851 by 2nd Lt. Powell T. Wyman and a detachment of Company I, 1st U.S. Artillery from Astoria, Oregon pursuant to Order #15, Division of the Pacific dated 19 Aug 1851. The fort was named after the town of Port Orford, Curry County, Oregon. The post was abandoned 22 Aug 1856 pursuant to Order #19, Department of the Pacific, dated 22 Aug 1856. (see also Fort Point (1))

View of the Pacific from the southern edge of the Fort Orford site.
Fort Orford Plan from Mansfield Report, 27 Sep 1853


After the initial siting by Lt. Wyman, the fort was constructed with local cedar logs and lumber. Fixtures and fittings were shipped in from San Francisco. Initially, 14 buildings were constructed. Later, a blockhouse and wall were erected during the Rogue River Indian War of 1855-56.

The Rogue River Indian War was over in June 1856. Fort Orford was used to ship some of the surrendered Indians to the reservations along the central coast on the steamship Columbia. The remainder of the Indians were marched to the reservations. The fort was no longer necessary once the hostile Indians had been removed and it was abandoned in August of 1856. In September of 1856 much of the fort was dismantled and shipped for use at Fort Umpqua (2) which protected the southern end of the coastal reservations.

The remnants of Fort Orford were destroyed in a fire that consumed most of Port Orford on 10 Oct 1868.

Current Status

No remains. The site of the fort in Port Orford is bounded on the East by Oregon Street, on the North by an extended Seventh Street, by graveyard point on the West, and by the Pacific Ocean on the Southside.

Location:Port Orford in Curry County, Oregon

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Lat: 42.743404 Long: -124.498851

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