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Fort Maloney (1856-1856) - A U.S. Army fort first established in February 1856 during the Yakima Indian War by U.S. Army Captain Maurice Maloney and 4th U.S. Infantry troops in Pierce County, Washington. Named after Captain Maloney. Abandoned in 1856. Also known as Fort Malone

Fort Maloney Marker on North Levee Road at Hwy 161
Fort Maloney Marker Text
Fort Maloney Marker with the Puyallup River Bridge in the Background


Fort Maloney was built as a typical two-story blockhouse in February 1856 by Captain Maurice Maloney and 4th U.S. Infantry troops during the Yakima Indian War. Constructed like the blockhouse at Fort Bellingham but unusual in that the first story of the blockhouse had a low ceiling, perhaps less than 6 1/2 feet high. Located on the North bank of the Puyallup River and was intended to protect the John Carson Ferry crossing. The blockhouse was washed away in an 1867 flood.

Current Status

Pyramid stone marker and park only, near the Hwy 161 bridge over the Puyallup River. The marker commemorates the Fort and several historical events.

Location: Puyallup, Pierce County, Washington.

Maps & Images

Lat: 47.203657 Long: -122.294698

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Fortification ID:

  • WA0196 - Fort Maloney
  • WA0195 - Fort Malone

Visited: 30 Apr 2014

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