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Fort Maitland (1838-1842) - Established in early November 1838 during the Second Seminole War by Lt. Col. Alexander C. W. Fanning, 4th U.S. Artillery. Named after Capt. William Seton Maitland, 3rd U.S. Artillery, severely wounded at Wahoo Swamp 21 Nov 1836, later drowned in the Ashley River, S.C. Post apparently abandoned in 1842.

Fort Maitland Marker
Fort Maitland Site and Lake Maitland


Established in early November 1838 by Lt. Col. Alexander C. W. Fanning and 4th U.S. Artillery troops as one of a string of forts built across central Florida during the Second Seminole War. Fort Maitland was a small fort built as a way station between Fort Mellon and Fort Gatlin on the shore of Maitland Lake..

Current Status

Marker only.

Location: Maitland, Orange County, Florida.

Maps & Images

Lat: 28.6205 Long: -81.3648



Visited: 10 Feb 2010

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