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Fort Leonard Wood (1) (1940-1946, 1950-Present) - First established 3 Dec 1940 in Pulaski County, Missouri. Named Fort leonard Wood 3 Jan 1941 after Major General Leonard Wood, U.S. Army Chief of Staff 1910-1914. Closed in 1946 and reactivated in 1950. Active military installation.

Fort Leonard Wood History

Established just prior to World War II as a U.S. Army training center. The reservation encompassed some 70,000 acres and was originally built out with some 1600 buildings. During World War II the post trained some 300,000 troops and claimed to be the largest combat engineering training center in the world. The post closed in 1946.

The post was reactivated in 1950 after the start of the Korean War and became a permanent installation 21 Mar 1956.

Current Status

Active military installation.

Location: Pulaski County, Missouri.

Maps & Images

Lat: 37.7401 Long: -92.126275



Visited: No

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