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Fort Halleck (2) (1867-1886) - A U.S. Army post established as Camp Halleck in 1867 by Captain Samuel P. Smith, and Company H, 8th U.S. Cavalry, near present day Halleck, Elko County, Nevada. Named after Major General Henry W. Halleck, commander of the division of the Pacific. Redesignated Fort Halleck 5 Apr 1879. Abandoned in 1886.

Fort Halleck (2) History

Established 27 Jul 1867 as an open plan two company post for one company of infantry and one company of cavalry. The post was organized around a central parade with about 20 wooden and adobe buildings surrounding the parade after the post was complete. This was one of the most isolated posts in the U.S. Army until the railroad arrived in Halleck (still 12 miles away) in 1869.

The post was made obsolete by the high cost of maintaining it and the declining conflict with Indian tribes, it closed 1 Dec 1886.

Current Status

Nevada Historic Marker #47 only, near Halleck, Elko County, Nevada.

Location: Exit I80 at the Halleck Interchange toward the town of Halleck and continue south about 11 miles to stone marker, Elko County, Nevada.

Maps & Images

Lat: 40.8082578 Long: -115.3361666



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