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Fort Crevecoeur (1) (1717-1722) - Established in 1717 by the French Governor of Louisiana, Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne de Bienville and his brother Lemoyne de Chateague on land claimed by the Spanish. Abandoned by the French in 1718 and occupied by the Spanish until 1722. The name means "Broken Heart". Abandoned in 1722.

Fort Crevecoeur Marker Side 1
Fort Crevecoeur Marker Side 2


The fort was built as a stockaded compound with four bastions and garrisoned by 50 men. The site was occupied by the French in late 1717 and the work was reported complete 12 May 1718. The French had evacuated the fort by 20 Aug 1718 to avoid conflict with the Spanish and the Spanish then garrisoned it with one officer and 12 men. The fort was variously abandoned and garrisoned until 1722 when the Spanish finally abandoned the fort, dismantled it, and shipped the materials to Pensacola.

Current Status

Marker only.

Location: Intersection of Columbus St. and Hwy 98, Beacon Hill, Gulf County, Florida.

Maps & Images

Lat: 29.90277 Long: -85.36630



Visited: 14 Feb 2010

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