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Fort Cox (1756-1760s) - A French & Indian War era fort established in 1756 near Little Cacapon, Hampshire County, West Virginia. Named Fort Cox after Captain Friend Cox. Abandoned in 1760s. Also known as Cox's Fort.


This fort was erected in 1756 on the 240-acre tract of land owned by Captain Friend Cox. Located at the confluence of the Little Cacapon and Potomac rivers, in present Hampshire County, it is shown in Colonel Washington's 1756 map of the Upper Potomac.

On 23 May 1756, Colonel Washington gave orders to Lt. Colonel Adam Stephen to have Fort Cox furnished supplies from Fort Cumberland, Maryland. On 5 May 1756, he wrote Hon. John Robinson, Speaker of the House of Burgesses recommended that Fort Cox be made the depot of supplies for the Upper Potomac defenses.

George Washington visited this site in 1770, but by then Fort Cox had disappeared.

Current Status


Location: Little Cacapon, Hampshire County, West Virginia.

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Lat: 39.51584 Long: -78.49369

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  • Elevation: 535'

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  • WV0068 - Fort Cox

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