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Fort Colorado (1836-1838) - A Texas Ranger post built in the fall of 1836 by Colonel Robert M. Coleman. One of a string of defensive posts built by the Republic of Texas. Also known as Camp Coleman, Fort Coleman, Coleman's Fort, Fort Houston.

Fort Colorado Drawing
Fort Colorado Marker
Fort Colorado Marker Locale

Fort Colorado History

A Republic of Texas defensive post built in the fall of 1836 by Colonel Robert M. Coleman and manned by Texas Rangers. The fort consisted of two blockhouses and a number of cabins enclosed within a stockade.

Current Status

Marked only by a State Historical Marker located in the 5200 block of Martin Luther king Jr. Blvd. between Old Fort Hill Drive and Russet Hill Drive.

Location: Located west of Walnut Creek and 2.5 miles northeast of the Montopolis Bridge on the north Bank of the Colorado River in Austin, Texas (The fort map pointer location is approximate)

Maps & Images

Lat: 30.263664 Long: -97.656269



Visited: 9 Nov 2011

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