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Fort Blakeley (1864-1865) - A Confederate earthworks and log fortification established in 1864 in Baldwin County, Alabama. Named for the nearby deserted town of Blakeley which was named for Josiah Blageley. Fort Blakeley was attacked and captured by Union forces in 1865 in the last major battle of the U.S. Civil War.

Fort Blakeley Redoubt #4 Interior
Fort Blakeley Union Gun Battery Facing Redoubt #7
Fort Blakeley Redoubt #4, Note the Center Angle and the two Batteries on the Flanks

U.S. Civil War

Blakeley River Landing Locale

A Confederate earthworks and log fortification established in 1864 as a fall back position for troops at Spanish Fort (1). The fort was a sprawling complex of nine redoubts connected by four miles of earthworks and rifle pits. These fortification were built in a semi circle backed by the Blakely River and protected on the flanks by the river and swampy areas. Confederate armament consisted of 35 artillery pieces plus a number of siege mortars. The Confederate garrison numbered about 2,700 troops including troops who fell back from the captured Spanish Fort (1). The Confederates were commanded by General St. John Liddell.

Union forces under Major General Frederick Steele (Cullum 1196) captured Spanish Fort on 8 Apr 1965 and reinforced other Union forces already at Fort Blakeley. The final Union assault was made on 9 Apr 1865 and was concentrate on the Confederate Redoubt #4. The Union forces prevailed and the last major battle of the U.S. Civil War ended with the capture of some 3,050 Confederate troops. This battle was fought on the same day that General Lee (Cullum 542) surrendered to General Grant (Cullum 1187) at Appomattox.

Fort Blakeley Pan and Campaign Map

Current Status

Part of Blakeley State Park, Baldwin County, Alabama. This park has preserved the battlefield in a natural state with the remains of gun batteries, redoubts, zigzag trenches and rifle pits as one would expect them to be.

Location: Blakeley State Park, Baldwin County, Alabama.

Maps & Images

Lat: 30.7489404 Long: -87.9122382



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