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Fort Bennett (2) (1870-1891) - First established as Post at Cheyenne Agency in 1870 by Captain Edward P. Pearson, 17th U.S. Infantry. Re-named 30 Dec 1878, after Captain Andrew S. Bennett, 5th U.S. Infantry, who was killed 4 Sep 1878 by hostile Bannock Indians at Clark's Fort, Montana. Abandoned in 1891.

Fort Bennett (2) History

Established 17 May 1870 by Captain Edward P. Pearson, 17th U.S. Infantry, as a one company U.S. Army post to protect the Cheyenne Agency Indians. The fort had three palisaded sides and one open side facing the Missouri River. Following the Custer Massacre in 1876 the fort hosted up to nine companies of troops. Abandoned 18 Nov 1891.

Current Status

Partially covered by the Oahe Reservoir.

Location: Stanley County, South Dakota.

Maps & Images

Lat: 44.6716487 Long: -100.6404211



Visited: No

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