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Camp Meigs (3) (1917-1920) - A World War I Camp established during 1917 in Northeast, Washington DC. Named Camp Meigs after Major General Montgomery C. Meigs, (Cullum 846), Quartermaster General of the Army (1861-1882). Abandoned in 1920. Also known as Camp Ordway.

Red Cross Motor Corps Personnel at Camp Meigs 1918.
Red Cross Motor Corps Vehicles at Camp Meig 1918.
Camp Meigs USQMC Barracks, 4 Jul 1918


Established in September 1917 during World War I as a training camp for special units of the Quartermaster Corps. The camp was located on about 81 acres near Florida Avenue & 5th Street, in Northeast Washington, DC. During the war, some 25,000 personnel passed through the camp.

In November 1918, at the end of the war, the camp served as a separation center for returning soldiers. By 15 Mar 1919, it had discharged about 7,000 personnel.

Abandoned in 1920.

Current Status

Overbuilt, no visible remains.

Location: Washington DC, Northeast, Washington DC.

Maps & Images

Lat: 38.90671 Long: -76.99943

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  • Elevation: 282'

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