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Camp Grant (6) (1863-1865) - A U.S. Civil War era Camp established in 1863 by Captain John P. Simpson and Company E of the 1st California Volunteer Battalion of Mountaineers. The camp was located near Dyerville, Humboldt County, California. Named Camp Grant after Ulysses S. Grant who was posted at Fort Humboldt in 1854. The camp was abandoned in 1865.

Camp Grant Locale. The map below shows the Camp on the Left Bank of the Eel river while many source indicate it was on the Right Bank.
Extract of Humboldt County Twp 1875 Doolittle Map Showing Camp (Fort) Grant Location. Each Grid Square is 1 Mile Square.


Established in October 1863 on the upper Eel River three miles east of Dyerville in Humboldt County, California. Dyerville no longer exists but the location is known. Captain John P. Simpson with Company E of the 1st California Volunteer Battalion of Mountaineers established the camp.

Captain Simpson and his troops captured 166 hostile Indians, who were placed on the Round Valley Reservation in 1864.

The site was probably abandoned sometime before Company E was mustered out at Fort Humboldt on 14 Jun 1865.

Current Status

Unknown, actual site not known.

Location: Along the Eel River three miles east of the former town of Dyerville
{now destroyed), Humboldt County, California. In the Humboldt Redwoods State Park.

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Lat: 40.33958 Long: -123.89726

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  • Elevation: 157'

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