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Battery Park Redoubt (1813-1817) - A War of 1812 Fortification established in 1813 in Burlington, Chittenden County, Vermont. Abandoned in 1817. Also known as Camp Burlington

Battery Park Display Cannon.
Battery Park Marker.
Battery Park Viewpoint with Marker, Readerboard and Display Cannon.


Battery Park Camp Sketch (from the leaderboard)

During the War of 1812, Battery Park at Burlington, Vermont was the site of a military encampment for some 4,000 American troops. A sketch of what the camp may have looked like is displayed on a readerboard at the park overlook. The sketch depicts a number of buildings, the largest being a two-story hospital with numerous officer's quarters and enlisted barracks buildings grouped around a central parade. A central magazine building is shown.

Battery Park Stone Marker

In June 1813 a Thirteen gun battery was built behind a long parapet overlooking Lake Champlain. The battery was about 100' above the lake and had a clear view of the lake approach to Burlington.

On 3 Aug 1813, a British gunboat and two armed sloops began a bombardment of Burlington's lake shoreline. The 13 gun battery, aided by two armed scows under Captain Thomas Macdonough's of the Lake Champlain navy, repulsed the attack in about 20 minutes.

Current Status

Battery Park Readerboard.

Located at the Battery Park entrance is a plaque commemorating the battery. At an overlook in the park is a roadside-style marker along with a readerboard that details the camp and the battle. A display cannon is mounted at this same location. (visited in 2012)

Location: Burlington, Chittenden County, Vermont.

Maps & Images

Lat: 44.480593 Long: -73.219375

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  • Elevation: 200'

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Fortification ID:

  • VT0000 - Battery Park Redoubt

Visited: 18 Jul 2012

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