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Camp Beauregard (1) (1917-Present) - A U.S. Army World War I National Guard Mobilization and Training Camp first named as Cantonment Alexandria in 1917 near Alexandria, Rapides Parish, Louisiana. Renamed Camp Beauregard in G.O. 95, 18 Jul 1917, after General Pierre Gustave Toutant Beauregard (Cullum 942), U.S. Civil War Confederate General. Active military installation. Also known as Camp Hunter.

Camp Beauregard Panorama 1941

World War I (1917-1918)

One of sixteen U.S. Army National Guard Mobilization and Training Camps established in 1917 to train and integrate National Guard units for service in a U.S. Army division. Camp Beauregard was established in July 1917 under the supervision of construction quartermaster Captain R. W. Goss. The camp was first intended to have a capacity of about 28,000 officers and enlisted men. The first division organized there was the 39th U.S. Infantry Division. The camp was mostly complete in November 1917 with an eventual cost of $ 5,400,000.

The first commander of the camp was Major General Henry C. Hodges, Jr. (Cullum 2901) who formed the 39th U.S. Infantry Division and trained the troops. The 39th was to be composed of National Guard units from Arkansas, Mississippi, and Louisiana. The 39th arrived in July 1917 and departed for France starting 1 August 1918 with the first units arriving in Europe on 12 Aug 1918. The 39th Division was designated as the 5th Depot Division on 14 August 1918 and furnished replacements for losses in other units. The 39th returned to the U.S. in 1919 and was demobilized at Camp Beauregard.

Also Trained:

At the end of the war, the camp became a demobilization center until it was abandoned on 18 Mar 1919.

The State of Louisiana purchased the reservation in 1920 for use as a National Guard camp and named it Camp Hunter; the name did not stick and the name reverted to Camp Beauregard.

CCC (1934)

The camp served as one of the work camps of the Civilian Conservation Corps in that program's early years, the Army providing part of the cadre.

World War II (1941-1945)

The camp was federalized for World War II and training resumed at Camp Beauregard until the post was deactivated on 7 Sep 1945, the federal lease expired on 15 Apr 1947 and the State of Louisiana again took over the post as a National Guard facility. A 1971 renovation program replaced nearly all the old buildings.

Current Status

Louisiana Maneuvers & Military Museum on Camp Beauregard.

Active Louisiana National Guard military installation near Alexandria, Rapides Parish, Louisiana. The installation serves as the primary annual training and pre-mobilization training platform for the Louisiana National Guard. Also serves as both a staging base for Louisiana National Guard personnel and a logistical staging area for various emergency response agencies during times of State and Federal Emergencies.

The camp is also home to the Louisiana Maneuvers & Military Museum housed in a World War II style barracks. Outside exhibits include vehicles, tanks, guns, and aircraft. Inside exhibits focus on the role of the post activities during major conflicts and a special look at the pre-World War II maneuvers conducted in Louisiana and the surrounding states.

Location: Camp Beauregard, Rapides Parish, Louisiana.

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