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York Shore Battery (1939-1945) - York Shore Battery was a Canadian reinforced concrete twin 6-pounder coastal gun battery on York Redoubt, Sleepy Cove, Nova Scotia, Canada. Deactivated in 1945.

York Shore Battery Fire Control & BC Station.
Battery Belmont 12-pounder same as in the York Shore Battery.
Battery Belmont Twin 12-pounder gun same as in the York Shore Battery.


Part of the Harbor Defense of Halifax.

World War II (1939-1945)

The York Shore Battery was built on the side of a cliff along the Halifax Harbor shore below the old York Redoubt. The battery was initially armed with two old 12-pounder guns transferred from Fort Ives, Those guns were later replaced with a twin 6-pounder duplex gun capable of delivering 72 rounds per minute in a semi-automatic mode.

York Shore Battery Empty Gun Emplacement.
Inside the Battery Belmont 12-pounder.
Inside the Battery Belmont Twin 6-pounder Gun.

The battery was designed to defend against fast enemy Motor Torpedo Boats (MTBs) and E-boats which could dash into harbors, shoot up shipping and exit at incredible speeds.

This battery evolved much as Battery Belmont, did during World War II except for siting differences. Battery Belmont is thought to have the only remaining twin 6-pounder duplex gun on display and also has one of the old 12-pounder guns that preceded the twin 6-pounder guns. Both of these guns are displayed on their mounts.

Most of the gun consisted of tough naval bronze components to withstand salt air corrosion. It was elevated and traversed rapidly on superb bearings. In the semi-automatic mode it could deliver 72 rounds per minute even though the rounds were hand loaded from trays of shells.

"In operation the line layer would lay the vertical crosswire of his telescope on the bow of the target, the elevation layer would lay the cross-wires of his telescope on the waterline of the target, they would then shout on ‘target’. The order would then be given to open fire and the loaders would smack the firing levers on the breeches. After firing they would immediately load another round and fire again, this would be continuous until the order to cease fire was given. Rounds would be supplied to the loaders from trays on the mounting; these in turn would be replenished from trolleys that ran around the rear of the gun emplacement. With such a drill a high rate of fire could be obtained 72 rounds per minute being the norm, it is not surprising therefore that the gunners knew this as ‘hosepipe’ fire."

Three searchlight emplacements were located on the wooded hillside just above and a bit to the north of the gun emplacements. A fire control/BC station is located behind each of the two gun emplacements.

York Shore Battery Searchlight Shelter.
York Shore Battery Interior.

Current Status

The entire complex is now part of the York Redoubt National Historic Site. No period guns or mounts in place in the York Shore Battery. This battery has deteriorated to the point where it was unsafe and has been fenced off to restrict access.

Location: Sleepy Cove, Nova Scotia, Canada.

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Lat: 44.59683 Long: -63.55128

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