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William Henry Chase (1798-1870) - Born 4 Jun 1798 in Buckfield, Maine (Massachusetts at the time). A U.S. Army Officer and engineer who supervised the construction of major coastal fortifications along the Gulf Coast (1819-1856). He died 8 Feb 1870, in Pensacola, Florida.

He entered the United States Military Academy 4 May 1814 and graduated one year later in the Class of 1815 ranking 30th out of 40.

He served in the U.S. Corps of Engineers and supervised many major construction projects along the Gulf Coast, including all the fortifications in Pensacola Harbor (1828-1854) and Fort Taylor (2) in Key West (1854-1856). He resigned his commission 31 Oct 1856 to become the President of the Alabama and Florida Railroad Company (1856-1861).

He joined the rebellion in 1861 and was known for requesting that Lt. Adam J. Slemmer surrender Fort Pickens (a fort that Chase had constructed) to sessionist forces. Lt. Slemmer declined and the fort remained in Union hands for the duration of the war.

William Chase died on 8 Feb 1870 at Pensacola, Florida, at age 72.


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